Parent Guide

We look forward to working with you to ensure your child 

gets maximum benefit from using  Maths-Whizz!

Welcome to Maths-Whizz

NEW UPDATE – Red Retention Gem to consolidate learning – Updated Resources Coming Soon!

We believe that the most effective usage of Maths-Whizz happens when parents, students and teachers, all connect in the learning process. This page is designed to give you an understanding of how Maths-Whizz works and how you can best support your child’s learning.

Maths-Whizz works on all devices providing they are running the minimum Operating Systems and Browsers.  

If you are running the required systems and still having trouble please follow the Steps on the Support Request Page.

If the child sees there an issue with an exercise, they can report the error directly to the tech support team.

Initial Student Assessment

Please show the relevant video to your child before they do their assessments or reassessments:

Please do not help them with the maths as it will set their programme too hard, and they may have to resit it.

Show your child this video after their assessment/reassessment.


Teachers will give students a login sheet with their username and password.  


The programme is set at the child’s level, please do not help them answer the questions.  

Sign Up for Parent Reports

If your school has the package that allows parents to access their child’s report, then please follow this process sheet to log in to your child’s report to monitor their progress.

At this stage there is only provision for one login per child, so please share the reports with other parents/caregivers.

Please log in and check the child is on track to make their 4 Learning Progressions for the week.   You can send them messages to encourage them – be sure to add a sticker for their sticker book.

Please do not Skip exercises without contacting your child’s teacher or iLearn Education as this may result in the programme becoming too hard.  If there are issues with an exercise please see Step 2 above to report the exercise.

Navigating the Parent Reports – coming soon

Understanding International Maths-Age

After the initial diagnostic assessment, each student is assigned a Maths-Whizz International Maths-Age. This is useful for determining where a student needs to start on their Maths-Whizz journey, and also to allow student progress to be measured. It should not be seen as a NZ maths-age, or a measure of NZ maths ability.

This 15 minute webinar shows you 5 keys to engaging your child in their learning and making it fun!

Maths-Whizz engages students when it is monitored by both teachers and parents and children are encouraged to make their 4 Learning Progressions a week and celebrated when doing so!

Understanding Learning Progressions

Our target for every child in the new learning area is 4 Learning Progressions a Week in the new learning area – Weekly Tutoring Journey. It is important that you and your child understand the significance of learning progressions and how they gain them. Helping your child with answering tests will set their programme too hard, and they are likely to have to re-sit their assessment to ensure the right level for them. Usage in the new learning area is capped at 90 minutes a week.

Understanding Topic Challenge - Consolidation

Students have unlimited time to consolidate their learning in the Topic Challenge Area. We recommend students complete their 4 Learning Progressions before working in Topic Challenge. We recommend at least 30 minutes of consolidation in the topic challenge area for every 60 minutes of usage in their new learning area above. This video explains how they can move their exercises from ‘no medal exercises’ through to gold medal exercises to consolidate their learning and earn maths-credits.

Understanding Return On Investment

We want to ensure students are maximising their learning time as they can’t get it back again, so we encourage them to give their best to get their best ‘Return on Investment’ and make as many learning progressions as they can when they are in their Maths-Whizz Tutor.